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Take a look over our Sell Sheet for more about terms and shipping options.

We’ve partnered with Faire to allow you to order our products online! Use the signup below to get started!

We are also available through Mable, a wholesaler for boutique brands.

VT Roots distributes our pickles and DIY Pickle Kits to Vermont and New Hampshire stores.

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We can offer a limited selection of flavors in half gallon sizes. Please email us for more info or with your request.


We can offer 1-2 flavors for sampling purposes shipped via USPS. If you are interested in more samples we offer them at their respective wholesale price.


We can offer demos/samplings to 100 mile radius around Middlebury, VT on Friday/Saturday/Sunday with sufficient notice. Please contact us to arrange time for this to happen.


We cannot accept consignment orders due to the nature of our products.