Our standard flavors are listed below. We also enjoy creating Limited Edition flavors which we sell through our online store!

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 CLASSIC DILLY BEANS- Crunchy, cool, and a light garlic flavor make these beans a fan favorite!  These also are the perfect pickle for dillytinis.
KOSHER DILLS- Complex, garlicky and lip-smacking good. We think these are more than just for burgers.  Pair them with a Riesling or a nice Vermont hard cider.
PICKLED GARLIC- These are great as a side dish, as a garnish, or used them as you would fresh garlic for a more mellow and complex flavor in your favorite dishes. They’re buttery and a little sweet.
SPICY DILLY BEANS- Dilly beans with some heat (about a medium salsa). They are a nice balance with sugary treats, pair nicely with light beers or sweet cider, and they are a really great addition to picnics.
SPICY DILLS- Classic kosher dills with a zesty twist! All of the garlic and dill flavor of our Kosher Dills, but with a great spicy bite for those looking for a little more spice.
SPICY GARLIC- A spicy version of the pickled garlic with the addition of crushed red pepper and cayenne pepper to warm those cold Vermont winters. Not too hot, but enough to make your lips tingle!
BREAD & BUTTERS- Sweet, savory, and a hint of salt that are great for general snacking or on a peanut butter sandwich. This recipe has been enjoyed by our family for generations.
SWEET BEETS- Our beets are firm, yet soft and packed with flavor. They are a balance of sweet and tangy with a savory spice blend to add complexity.
RED PICKLED ONIONS- The perfect balance of sweet and sour, these soft pink ribbons make a picturesque addition to salads, tacos, or relish trays.
With these kits you have the power to make their your own amazing quick pickles with homegrown or local veggies that are easier than starting from scratch. This kit is great for anyone who wants to try making their own pickles at home and a great way to introduce kids to the joy of pickling.
DEVIOUS DILLS- Classic flavor with dill seed, mustard seed, and salt. Designed for cucumbers or green beans, but can be used with any veggie.
SNAPPY & SWEET- The sweet, complex flavor of our pickled beets are captured in this kit designed for customers to make their own beets, carrots, or other veggie of their choice.
GORGEOUS GARLIC- A duplication of the pickled garlic flavor we make that can be created using garlic cloves, scapes, or even onions!
BREW BUDDY- This kit is a great option for every beer enthusiast as well as the homebrewer. It calls for blending the beer of your choice with cider vinegar and the spice blend to make delicious, unique beer pickles.
PICKLEBACK- When the booze of your choice is paired with
the spice blend it enhances the complex flavors without the
alcohol burn.**NEW 2022**
GINGER ZINGERS- Plenty of sour, spicy, gingery zip! Great
with cucumbers or even radishes. **NEW 2022**
BREAD&BUTTERS- As close to our Bread&Butter pickles as
we could get without completely giving away our secret!
These pickles will be sweet and complex. **NEW for 2022**
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