About Us

Pickle Lovers

Rachel, “the Pickle Lady”, is firm believer in maintaining traditions and recipes, so it was a no-brainer in 2009 to start making pickles from family recipes. Since then we have expanded our line to include trendier flavors (Dilly Beans and Pickled Garlic) mixed with family classics (Bread&Butters and Pickled Beets).

She is a trained scientist and loves to talk about pickling chemistry and safety. Half of the conversations she has with customers is about troubleshooting their own recipes! Working as an educational resource related to pickling and safe canning practices really rounds out the entire pickling and event experience and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We hope our customers will share the joy of pickles with their own families and friends. There’s no greater honor than having something so personal as a hand-packed jar of pickles shared at a gathering of friends.

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