About Us

Pickle Mad

For generations we always had homemade pickles in the house either from Nana or Mom; there were always at least 2 jars of open pickles in the fridge. They were pulled out for meals, snacks, picnics, and to pretend it was summer while watching 2 feet of snow fall in the dead of winter. Family meals were never complete without handmade pickles on the table.

Rachel, Owner/Pickler, is firm believer in maintaining traditions and recipes, so it was a no-brainer in 2009 to start making pickles from family recipes. Since then we have expanded our line to include trendier flavors (Dilly Beans and Pickled Garlic) mixed with family classics (Bread&Butters and Pickled Beets).

While we cannot get our pickles to everyone we hope our customers will share their love of our pickles with their own families and friends and continue the tradition.

Proudly Made in Vermont.


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