Hello all of you readers out there in pickle land! We’re happy to have you with us and we hope that you love pickles as much as we do!

A little background. Pin Up Pickles was started in 2009 after finishing graduate school while living at my parents’ house. At the time, it was a way to preserve (pun intended) techniques passed down by my grandmother to my mother and ultimately to me. I also wanted to find delicious ways to use our garden abundance and share it with my local farmer’s market. Since then it has been a part-time gig for me as I’ve pursued other ventures and career paths.

We strive to find innovative and delicious recipes that put the fun in funky! Dilly Beans have always been a big hit with our customers because of their garlicky and salty goodness, but now we’ve found the joy in mixing them with booze for Dillytinis. This year we’re embarking on a journey to experiment and bring our customers beer and spirit flavored pickles to combine the joy of local brews with local foods in a unique way.

Feel free to spread the love of the pickle and let us know if there’s a shop where you’d like to see us stocked!

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